Startup India

Startup India is an initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through this program, prime minister has tried to promote start-up ventures in India and to boost the entrepreneurship. Many of Indians are still not aware of the scheme and are not taking its advantage. BCC Pvt. Ltd. provides assistance to the customers, so that they can apply for the loan under this government scheme and get the financial help. Government has introduced the scheme to remove all hurdles, which usually a borrower face, while applying for the business loan, especially the start-ups.

As each bank wants to provide the loan only to existing business and the start-ups have to follow long procedure. We at BCC Pvt. Ltd. aim to provide the assistance to all those, who have the dream to start their own new venture, but due to lack of finds are not able to take the initiative to fulfill their dream. Through this scheme of PMMY, the facility to avail the loan has been made available even through the mobile app. Borrowers can also get the Tax exemption under this scheme.

So to get the financial help under this beneficial scheme anyone can approach us, we will guide you throughout the loan application procedure.

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Our Customers

At BCC Pvt. Ltd. we have had several customers who were having great and innovative business ideas, but were not able to start the business, due to lack of funds. When they approached us, we advised them to take the help of Startup India campaign, and they got the full support in the form of financial help.

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