Stand-Up India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, launched the StandUp India scheme especially for the inder privileged Indians, who have big dreams to start their business, but due to lack of funds they can’t live their dream. The Standup India program is especially for SC/ST and women entrepreneurs. Under this scheme the borrower can apply for the loan amounting from 10 lakh up to 1 crore through the banks to one woman or one SC/ST. We at BCC Pvt. Ltd. help such new entrepreneurs to apply for this loan scheme so that they can live their dream and get success in their business.

At BCC Pvt. Ltd. we provide the complete guidance to apply for the bank loan and help our customers not only due to generating business, instead we want to help every Indian and try our best so that they do not have to sacrifice their dream and can achieve in their life whatever they want. Depending on the below factors the loan application is approved by the banks, which are participating banks of Stand up India program. There are certain considerable factors for the loan from Standup India they are like:

Stand-Up India Documents

If you have following document is available which help to clear your loan easy and quickly.

BusinessNature of business planned
Business AgeMaximum 5 years

How We Can Help the Borrowers?

The borrowers or loan applicants get the complete assistance and support from our well experienced and qualified professionals. We strive hard to get the loan file approval of each and every of our client, not only this even our service is quite affordable and can be accessed easily from anywhere. If you are applying for first time for the business loan under Standup India program, then still they need not to be worried about their loan application procedure. We provide complete guidance for the loan procedure.

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