NABARD is a government scheme through which the refinance and direct finance facilities are provided to the loan applicants. The scheme as per its name NABARD (National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development) involves the loan facility from those banks which are specialized in rural and agricultural development. Under NABARD either short term or long term loans can be applied along with loan refinancing options. BCC Pvt. Ltd. experts can help the borrowers in taking approval of these loans along with guidance for the full loan application procedure.

Under NABARD following loan categories are quite popular for direct finance. For each of the below listed loan category the eligibility criteria, loan repayment tenure, Rate of Interest and Loan amount may be different and will depend on the category of that specific loan type.

Loan Refinance Scheme

NABARD short term and medium term loans are for agricultural sector which can be availed for seed, fertilizers, and insecticides and to buy costly agricultural machines. Apart from this short term refinance can also help other sectors like fisheries. Rural artisan activities, crop marketing and for this the loan limit is sanctioned to RRs or SCBs. While the medium term loan is for those farmers, whose crop is damaged due to bad climate or any other reason. The participant banks for NABARD can be any commercial bank, RRB or Regional Rural Bank, NBFCs, SCBs, NEDFC or PUCBs.

NABARD also offer refinance options to those borrowers, who have already taken loan and want to decrease their loan interest rate or loan repayment amount. There are basically three categories for loan Refinance:

Refinance – Non-farm Sector

Under ARS or Automatic Refinance Scheme involve five compact and unique loan schemes, which are CLS (Composite Loan Scheme), ILS (Integrated Loan Scheme), SEMFEX (Self Employment for Ex-Servicemen), SRWTO (Small Road and Water Transport Operators) and SLAMM (Soft Loan Assistance for Margin Money). Each of these sub section of ARS is for different non-farming sector.

At BCC Pvt. Ltd. we have detailed information of these schemes, which can help the borrowers in deciding that they should apply for which loan category. For renewable energy and Rural Housing both the refinance facility is also available.

Government Scheme under Nabard

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development SchemeThe main objective of the scheme is to extend assistance for setting up small dairy farms
and other components to bring structural changes in the dairy sector.
Rural GodownsA network of rural godowns will enable small farmers to enhance their holding capacity
in order to sell their produce at fair prices and avoid distress sales.
Solar SchemesAt present, to promote the use of solar energy, two capital linked subsidy schemes of
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), GoI, ie. Solar Photovoltaic Water
Pumping systems and MNRE Lighting Scheme 2016 are operated through NABARD.
National Livestock MissionNABARD is the subsidy channelizing agency under Entrepreneurship Development & Employment Generation (EDEG) component of National Livestock Mission.
Agriclinic and Agribusiness Centres SchemeThe scheme aims to promote the establishment of Agri-Clinics
and Agri-Business Centres (ACABC) all over the country.
Agricultural Marketing InfrastructureIt is common knowledge that there is a need to promote agriculture marketing infrastructure projects
for reducing the involvement of intermediates and minimizing post-harvest losses.
A robust agriculture marketing infrastructure will ensure better remuneration to
farmers and supply of better quality products to consumers and processing industries.
Agricultural & Marketing Infrastructure, Grading & StandardizationThe Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization (AMIGS)
scheme has been formulated to develop marketing infrastructure in the country
to cater to the post-harvest requirement of production and
marketable surplus of various farm products.

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