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Today is the world of plastic money and today a number of credit card service providers in the market. In order to determine and select the credit card as per your own requirement, you must know the features and benefits of these cards. For various requirements, you may need different card. There are lots of uses of credit cards like for air ticket booking, for shopping, for basic transactions or for hotel ticket booking, etc.

Following types of Credit Cards are provided by the employer:

  • Standard Credit Card
  • Secured Credit Card
  • Charge Credit Card
  • Speciality Credit Card
  • Premium Credit Card
  • Speciality Credit Card
  • Prepaid Credit Card

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Credit Card Documents

If you have following document is available which help to clear your credit card easy and quickly.

Residence proofPassport/Ration Card/Electricity bill/Landline telephone bill
Identity proofPassport/Driving License/PAN Card/Aadhaar card
Income ProofLatest payslip/Form 16/IT return copy
PhotographColour photograph

To apply for Credit Card there is an eligibility criterion as well. Our expert guidance can help the user in getting the credit card in no time and with minimum documents. Moreover, we at BCC Pvt. Ltd. can help the user in making the process simpler and easier, so that the process does not become longer and you can get the desired service timely.

We also help the customers in resolving the card related issues. Our service has following capabilities:

A credit card can provide you instant money for which you can pay in installments as well. For each type of credit card, the limit is decided by the banks. Moreover many reward programs are also associated with the credit cards.

You can get the best credit card for your shopping or other monetary related issues easily, even if you are not aware of the complete process of applying for the credit card or you are not sure about which card you must choose, then we are here to help you in resolving all of the queries and extending the help to select and get the best suitable card for you.

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